438 Rotator Cuff Tests Later: High School Baseball Pitchers Exposed

Last weekend, many of the top 16, 17, & 18 yr old baseball players in North America took advantage of Crossover Symmetry’s Free Rotator Cuff Strength Analysis and the results might change how you spend your off-season.

So what is a Rotator Cuff Analysis?  (Download a typical analysis here.)

Using a medical device called a dynamometer, we test the strength of various rotator cuff muscles.

Accelerator Strength – Internal Rotation (IR)

Decelerator Strength – External Rotation (ER) and

Stabilizer Strength – Supraspinatus (SS)


According to medical research, including a 5-YR MLB study using 144 Pro players, these rotator cuff tests can point to risks of shoulder and elbow injury among baseball players.

They can also point to why your velocity might not be where you think it should be – and how to fix it.

Well, over the course of 4 days, we did 438 rotator cuff strength readings on 73 players and a glaring problem was exposed:

The majority of baseball players we tested showed weak decelerators compared to accelerators which creates a higher risk for injury.


Why this matters to you:

1) If you are a pitcher, you most likely have the same weak decelerators and increased risk of injury.

2) You are also losing out on velocity – weak decelerators rob VELO.

3) You can fix this pretty quickly. But you can also make it much worse.

DO NOT. I repeat, do not start a velocity program before you fix your decelerators. We go into why that is in another post, but for now, just know that you have to get your decelerator strength up to your accelerator strength first.

Crossover Symmetry was created to strengthen your arm’s decelerators.

The baseball players we tested in Jupiter, FL that were consistently using Crossover Symmetry did not have weak decelerators. Their arms were healthy, balanced and they are ready to begin any velocity program they choose – because Crossover does what its designed to do.

Using Crossover, you can normally restore balance in your arm  in a matter of a few weeks.

The Arizona Baseball Ranch performs Rotator Cuff tests on baseball players coming into their programs – the same tests we do. And then every player does  Crossover Symmetry to boost decelerator strength and protect their arms. They have followed this procedure for years because it works.

You can do the same Decelerator Booster Program that is used by the Arizona Baseball Ranch. Right now, you can download our 4 week program for free.

Upgrade your off-season. Implement Crossover and come back stronger, healthier and better prepared for pre-season or any velocity program you may start.