Low Back Exercise to Fix Pain and Stiffness

A core training plan usually passes over the lower back exercises.  Just mention the word “core” and everyone gets stuck on six-pack abs.

But if you really want a strong core, you’ve got to hit all the muscles— both big and small—that move and stabilize the spine.

Look at the core on a larger scale, we all know a tight midline is good for moving heavy weights, and transfers power, for things like hitting a softball.

But take a closer look at the core muscles, and you will find many small muscles that work on a smaller scale.  

For the low back, many muscles connect each vertebra of the spine together.  Those muscles control the smaller movements that occur at each segment of the spine.  

If you neglect these little muscles for too long they get cranky.

As their strength and coordination decreases, it can lead to muscle spasms, which cause stiffness and pain.

Free Up Your Spine

So make sure you give your entire core some love and incorporate a low back exercise into your training plan.  

For example, the segmental bridge from the CS Hip & Core Program.

This variation of the glute bridge doesn’t just build buns of steel, but also adds in a low back exercise as well.

In the video, you will see the focus on controlling each vertebra at a time.  This is surprisingly much more difficult than it looks.

At first, your low back will probably lift and lower as a single unit.  But with practice, you will find the intrinsic control to move each vertebra, one at a time.  

As your segmental stabilizers get stronger and accustomed to movement, you will move less like the tin man.  This is a huge help for the most common types of low back pain.

For more about core strength, and other lower body hang-ups, be sure to check out Glute and Core Guide.